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I have worked with Slate Luxury Homes on two prior transitions (both buying & selling), and am in the process of buying again with Chelsea leading the way! I could not be more pleased. Chelsea is a doer who gets the job done each and every time. Her knowledge of the downtown Raleigh market is unmatched. Both Chelsea and her team are incredibly professional and personal, making you truly feel as though everyone is working towards the (your) common goal. I have been tremendously spoiled by working with Chelsea and wouldn't dream of having anyone else in my corner!

- Jordan Holt

Having a good buyer's agent in such a seller's market is key - Misty worked with me at all stages ensure I got the home I wanted in this VERY competitive market.   She is an excellent realtor: knowledgeable, attentive, and doggedly persistent.  In particular, Misty knows downtown Raleigh and all the outlying areas like the back of her hand; she can rattle off the current status, planned development and even the history of any neighborhood or section of town! At the same time, she was very flexible to accommodate my unusual search parameters (downtown Raleigh, downtown Durham and even Hillsborough), and kept me apprised of new properties coming onto the market that might fit.  She spent a lot of time understanding my needs (and me), which enabled her to effectively identify and screen potential properties and ultimately, save me time - occasionally I'd suggest something I'd come across and Misty would say 'that one's probably not for you"....and she was right 100% of the time. When I was busy, she would preview the properties and facetime me to be most efficient.  We did spent a good deal of time together on the search due to the market challenges and - thankfully! - she is also a great person to spend time with....no pressure, but lots of information, expertise, and great service before, during and after the search.

- Sharon Price

We bought our house with Misty from Slate Luxury Homes.  She gave us great advice on the neighborhoods, the house and the buying process.  Misty Spent a lot of hours on our case, was available all the time, and quick to respond.  She is easy going and pleasant to work with. 

- Emmanuel d'H

Richard Spencer was our realtor when Charles and I were looking to buy our first home together. I have been jaded in the past by Realtors so I had my defenses up but, I was very pleasantly surprised by Richard. Richard is extremely knowledgeable and completely customer driven. He took the time to look at all of our prospective properties and gave us his honest feedback on location, current condition, and resale value. Even looking at historical homes Richard could provide us with accurate and clear cut pictures of what all would need to be done so we could tack that on to the total cost. Once we made our decision Richard has still been there to make sure things are going well after the close. If you are looking for an honest, extremely intelligent, and trustworthy realtor Richard Spencer is your choice.

- Misti Goodman

Working with Richard was a fantastic experience. As a first time homebuyer, I was initially apprehensive about the entire process of purchasing a home. But Richard and the team at Slate Luxury were there for me every step of the way. Richard’s extensive knowledge of the Raleigh area and historical developments in real estate proved invaluable when evaluating neighborhoods and pinpointing a location. The process couldn’t have gone smoother from start to finish. Richard also recommended several preferred mortgage brokers and contractors, all of whom I had fantastic experiences with. Even after closing on my new home, I continue to maintain communications with Richard for his expert advice on dealing with the HOA, home maintenance, etc. A year after the sale, he continues to be as helpful and responsive as ever. I highly recommend Richard Spencer for your residential real estate needs.

- Jim Daley

In April, 2013, our family made a decision to relocate to Raleigh from Portland, Oregon. Our daughter and I moved my wife to Raleigh, so she could start her new job. Our daughter and I then returned to the Pacific Northwest to finish out the school year. During that initial week we were in Raleigh, we meet a couple of realtors to get to know the area and hopefully meet a realtor we wanted to work with. Each of the realtors were qualified in their own way, but it seemed there was a disconnect when we described the types of properties and neighborhoods we were interested in looking at and what properties and neighborhoods they were showing us. As we were preparing our pre-approval documentation, our mortgage broker recommended we speak with Richard. My wife meet up with Richard to look at a few of the houses and different areas we found through on-line searches. He provided great insight on each of the properties and neighborhoods, especially to me being 3,000 miles away at the time. He was also able to recommend certain neighborhoods and parts of Raleigh, after finding out types of properties that we described, that fit well with what we would like. He always had an interesting bit of Raleigh history everywhere we looked or at least an entertaining tidbit. He was even helpful about recommending good restaurants to go to and activities in Raleigh to go to with our daughter. If we had a question, and he did not have the answer right there, he found the the answer for us. He was a wealth of knowledge, addressed all of our question and concerns, and was entertaining and enjoyable to be with. Additionally, he was able to provide pro’s and con’s about each property without “selling” any of the properties. Richard provided many photos, descriptions of properties and neighborhoods, and financial data. I was so confident in the information that he provided, I was comfortable with placing an offer on a property before my daughter and I even saw the property in person. The offer was accepted and we got the house for a fair price and what we felt good about paying. Through the inspection period, Richard scheduled the different inspections including the home inspection, sewer line inspection, radon, and follow up meetings with contractors to provide bids on items identified in the home inspection. His professionalism and communication through this process was excellent. We closed on the house less than a week after my daughter and I moved out to Raleigh and could not have been more pleased. We wholeheartedly would and will recommend Richard Spencer and the Slate Luxury Homes to anyone buying a home in the Raleigh area. It was a pleasure working with Richard. Paige and Patrick Gerbic

- Paige and Patrick Gerbic
"Slate Luxury Homes has managed the purchase and sale of multiple homes
for me.  Chelsea, Richard, and the whole group have provided excellent
professionalism, dedication, and expertise throughout these transactions.
More than simply hired help, they are an extension of my team and are also
friends.  They cut their teeth in downtown Raleigh many years ago and have
continued to track and grow with the market.  While knowing and being able
to assist very well in many areas around the Triangle, I truly believe that
they are an integral part of downtown Raleigh and understand it better than
most.  I highly recommend them to others. "   


- John Seitz
"I've been working with Slate Luxury Homes for a few months now as their
professional photographer and I have to say, they are such a great team to work
with! Their processes are very well thought out and their strategic practice has
been very effective. I couldn't ask for a more professional realty team to work for!"


- Trey Thomas
"We could talk a while by how much we appreciate working with you all!Richard was
extremely helpful in our home-buying process. His team is
knowledgeable and hard-working. We were making the biggest financial decisions of
our life, and they really helped us every step of the way.Thanks!"
- Edward Hunter
"We recently had the pleasure of working with Richard Spencer at Slate Luxury Homes during the search for our first home. It took more than 6 months to find the
perfect place and during that very stressful time Richard was always there for us.
He was responsive, he knew what we wanted and didn't try and convince us to look for
something else, and he was always upbeat and positive. He even handled my occasional
meltdowns with helpful advice and encouraging words. He walked us through every step
of the home buying process and as novices this was much appreciated. Richard even
answered questions that had nothing to do with the home buying process (ie: referral
for security system). We would highly recommend working with Richard and Slate Luxury Homes to our friends, family and even strangers."
- Lindsay Lasserre

It is with much pleasure that I share words regarding my personal experience with Slate Luxury Homes. When my aging father decided to sell his home in Raleigh and move to a retirement community In Winston-Salem ( to be near his only child - me ), it was to Slate Luxury Homes that we turned to for help in selling his property in Raleigh. How glad we are that we discovered Slate Luxury!!!! The experience at each point of the sales process was superior; such as useful insights on pre-listing renovations, staging, pro-active searching for potential buyers, and complete facilitation through the entire sales procedure. All of the before mentioned tasks were accomplished with a high degree of competence, integrity, and grace.I highly recommend Slate Luxury Homes for your full real estate needs.

- E. Arnett Harris

I recently purchased my first home as a new graduate of pharmacy school at UNC. Slate Luxury Homes helped me find the perfect place. Richard was very helpful in asking me what I was looking for and also showing me properties in other areas of downtown that fit my needs. The entire staff was by my side day and night throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate for one second in recommending this company to anyone looking for a house, whether first time buyer or seasoned veteran! Heidi and Richard, I cannot thank you enough.

- Jason Tapley

I heart Slate Luxury Homes. When I finally did decide to take the leap to purchase a home, I am SO glad that I got connected with these guys. Richard Spencer was super fantastic. He helped me select the home that was right for me and walked me through the entire home purchasing process. He and his entire extended team, what I affectionately refer to as "the racket"(SunTrust Mortgage included, whom I also heart) went above and beyond. At the end of the process, I felt like everything had gone smoothly and effortlessly. Not only that, but I made some good friends. I will always use these guys for my real estate needs, no question.

- Nano Serwich

Richard Spencer and the entire team at Chelsea Realty were amazing throughout my home buying process! It took longer than expected, but they were with me through it all. I was nervous about finding an agent that would be open minded about me and what kind of house I wanted, but Richard was knowledgable and spoke honestly with me! Richard, Heidi, and Chelsea will be the folks I choose to sell my place when I do so and the people that I refer to EVERYONE. Thanks again Richard!

- Shannon Howard

Chelsea and Richard have helped so many of my friends through the first-time homebuying process that when it came time for my first home purchase there was no question about which realtor I would use. I was terrified of the entire process, but Richard answered all of my questions and really paid attention to all the things I wanted in a home. He\'s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the neighborhoods in Downtown Raleigh and he helped me to choose a home that not only suits me perfectly but is also an investment. The best part is that Richard\'s help did not stop once I was settled into my new home - he\'s been available every time I\'ve had a question about anything pertaining to my home. I will absolutely seek out Richard and Chelsea\'s help when it comes time to sell my home and buy another one and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a stress-free homebuying experience.

- Becky Semcer

Richard guided us through the process of buying our first home. He made it fun and very low stress. We ended up with a great house in a neighborhood we love and had a great home buying experience. We recommend Slate Luxury Homes to anyone looking to buy in downtown Raleigh.

- Gretchen McHenry

I was referred to Slate Luxury Homes by one of my best friends who earlier in the year worked with Chelsea to find an investment property downtown. I had considered the possibility of buying my first home but with the instability of the economy was a little nervous. I knew absolutely nothing about real estate or the home buying process. Chelsea was extremely knowledgeable and patient, she made me comfortable and helped me understand exactly what we were doing and why! She helped me through several offers on what now seems like a dozen homes and was always there when I felt confused or frustrated. She found my perfect fit. I love my home and could not have asked for a better guide through the process!

- Heidi Odham

Chelsea taught me everything I needed to know about buying a home in a historic neighborhood. She took the time to work within my budget and time frame to get the best deal for my family. She also recommended great service providers for my home improvement needs after we moved in to our new home. I would recommend Chelsea and her team to anyone buying a home in the Triangle.

- Susan Thompson

I am a previous tenant of Slate Luxury. Chelsea was always very helpful with any issue we had at the town home and when it was time for the lease to end she helped me find my perfect home! As a first time home buyer it was so nice to have someone take the time to explain the process and to guide me through it. She not only found the perfect place but she eliminated so much of the stress by giving me a detailed handbook for me to reference. When it is time for a family I know that she will be there to help me find my next home.

- Katherine Clark
I just wanted you to know that the pictures you took in comparison far surpassed others I've seen on MLS listings on line right now.  In addition, the description, staging and professional assistance you all have given has been stellar.  I'll tell all I know what a great, organized and efficient job you all have done.
Thank you,
- Mariah West

Slate Luxury Homes could not have done a better job for us when we were purchasing a house. It wasn't easy finding a realtor who understood our budget, the type of neighborhood we were looking for, and had the patience to deal us. We were never pressured to buy above the price ceiling we provided. They are down to earth, straight shooters that work more hours than I ever care to. They are well connected to the community and seem to “have a guy” for everything. I recommend them to everyone I know. I'll be using them for any and all of my future real estate transactions.

- Keith Emrick

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