Boylan Heights

Boylan Heights in Downtown Raleigh NC
The Boylan Mansion in Boylan Heights Raleigh NC

308 S Boylan
Raleigh, NC 27603

Historic Boylan Heights in Downtown Raleigh

The Boylan Heights neighborhood was origianlly part of the Joel Lane Estate. Joel Lane sold the State of NC the original 1000 acres to form the State Capital and the City of Raleigh.  In 1907 this property was sold and began to be developed into what we see today.Total there are a total of 267 homes that range in size and style. Most of the larger stately homes front the main street of S. Boylan with the smaller bungalow style homes on the secondary streets. The City Council deemed Boylan Heights a local Historic District in 1984. This helps insure that the neighborhood will continue to keep the look and feel that it has had for some many years.

National Historic Disctrics have the potential to allow owners to receive tax credits for qualifying rehabilitations. Local Historic Districs help preserve the neighborhoods appearance. All exterior changes of a home in a Local Historic District will need to file a Certificate of Appropriateness with the Raleigh Historic Development Commision.

Boylan Heights Activities

If you are interested in a neighborhood that likes to get together this is it. From the Boylan Bash to Artwalk there is always something going on in Boylan Heights.

Boylan Heights Resturants

With its proimity to Downtown and Glenwood south you have all of Downtown Raleigh's Resturants within a short walk. There are two great resturants within the neighborhood itself. Moonlight Pizza and the Boylan Bridge Brewpub are both wonderful places to eat and are 2 of my Downtown Raleigh favorites.

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